The difference between Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage and Carbon Dioxide Removal


The different types of carbon removal technologies


Carbon removal (CDR) methods by storage medium and timescale


Reaching durable net zero involves employing like-for-like carbon removal


The “doughnut” approach to soil carbon governance

How to build a robust framework for the certification of high- quality carbon removals?

 Horizon Europe 

Horizon Europe has various programmes based on three central pillars and a separate over-arching programme.Diagram of the various funding programs across Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe has allocated funds for CDR for directly for carbon removal projects or indirectly through related infrastructure

Table showing the indirect and direct funding for CDR in horizon europe

 Cross Border Adjustment Mechanism 

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism puts a price on carbon emitted during the production of carbon-intensive goods entering the EU.

The EU Cross Border Adjustment Policy explained

 London Protocol 

Countries signed on to the London Convention and subsequent London Protocol

 Climate claims 

Empowering Consumers, Green Claims, Carbon Removal Certification Framework, ESRS, etc. What do all these pieces of EU legislation mean for organisations’ ability to make climate neutrality or net zero claims?