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Sylvain Delerce

Associate Research Director

Sylvain is part of Carbon Gap’s leadership team. As Associate Research Director, he focuses on analysing the growth of the carbon removal ecosystem to identify the key gaps that need to be addressed, to inform policy makers and unlock Europe’s potential for deploying carbon removal at scale. Sylvain is based in France and is also leading our activities there. 

Sylvain is an engineer with more than ten years’ experience in research and development for agriculture in France, Latin America and Africa. He and his team received several distinctions, including a UN Global Pulse Prize, for their work on adapting agriculture to climate change using modern tools such as data science. 

Convinced that climate change can be stopped and then reversed, he started to research carbon removal in 2017 and became an active member of the carbon removal community. He recently completed a PhD in geochemistry at CNRS in collaboration with the CarbFix project in Iceland, assessing the potential of using altered basalt rock to permanently store large quantities of captured carbon dioxide.