June 27, 2023

Net Zero Industry Act

Carbon Gap feedback
Carbon Gap EU policy consultation feedback

NZIA Consultation feedback

Carbon Gap welcomes the Commissions proposal for a Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA) and committed efforts to strengthen Europes net zero ecosystem. The NZIA represents significant advances for the sector, especially for the 8 strategic technologies that have been listed. We believe the proposal can be improved to ensure it achieves its objectives. Carbon Gap’s NZIA Consultation Feedback is as follows:

1. The proposal offers a timely lifeline to the European net zero ecosystem, but misses crucial support for carbon dioxide removals (CDR). Carbon removals are key to delivering climate neutrality by 2050, and net negative emissions thereafter, for Europe. Therefore, the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) category must be expanded to include CDR as a (strategic) family of net zero technologies.

2. We welcome the explicit commitment to an EU annual CO2 injection capacity target by 2030 and we call for a comprehensive approach to carbon management that considers both CCS and CDR. This will be essential to ensure that the limited EU CO2 storage capacity is used effectively to reach the Unions climate neutrality targets.

3. The NZIA Article 18 introduces an innovative clause which directly holds oil and gas extractors responsible to build the EUs CO2 storage network. We call on the EU policymakers to maintain this provision, while considering expanding the scope of the obligation to the entirety of fossil fuel supply, beyond production.