March 18, 2024
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Envisioning a carbon removal strategy for Europe

Carbon Gap's recommendations for a dedicated EU CDR Strategy

Carbon Gap offers 18 actionable policy recommendations for how the EU could support carbon removal over the next thirty years as part of an EU carbon dioxide removal (CDR) strategy. The recommendations are spread across four key “pillars” that should be pursued collectively to deliver effective and just CDR: creating fair and inclusive governance, prioritising research, development and innovation, introducing dedicated deployment incentives. The recommendations provided under each of these pillars would help grow the pool of potential CDR methods, test the viability of scaling promising, yet high-cost methods, and secure future demand for CDR.

The upcoming political cycle offers EU policymakers the opportunity to make CDR a political priority by launching a dedicated EU CDR Strategy. A holistic ambition for CDR could serve as the basis for widespread public engagement and discussion on carbon removal in Europe, whilst inspiring action in other jurisdictions beyond Europe. It would help set the direction of travel for CDR, clarify the EU’s overall CDR ambition and kickstart decades of concerted action to integrate CDR into ongoing mitigation efforts. Developing a dedicated EU carbon removal strategy would therefore help ensure delivery on EU climate targets, cementing the position of the EU as a global leader on climate action.