July 01, 2022
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Understanding Carbon Dioxide Removal (EN) & L’élimination du carbone atmospherique (FR)

Carbon Gap is working with partners to bring carbon removal content to other languages

Carbon dioxide removal is an emerging and fast-moving field, with few sources of high-quality information tailored for policymakers and other stakeholders in individual countries. Addressing this knowledge gap is one of Carbon Gap’s core missions, and we are pleased to announce the release of Understanding Carbon Dioxide Removal (French title: L’élimination du carbone atmospherique), a collaboration between Carbon Gap, Zenon Research, and Mines Paristech, to develop French-language carbon removal content that will serve to inform and inspire future commitments to carbon removal by the French government.

The six-page brief provides a general overview of the science of carbon removal, its role in addressing climate change, and the various methods that can safely and reliably remove carbon directly from the air and store it, including forestation, direct air capture, biochar, mineralization, and more. The brief also features a fresh, artistically-inspired visual to showcase the diversity of these methods.