Current Openings

  • Policy Analyst+


    We are continuing to build out a team of experienced carbon removal policy professionals and are looking for individuals with a track record of successfully influencing policy development on carbon removal or adjacent policy areas and a relevant network within the Brussels policy ecosystem, to help make our vision of safe, effective and socially responsible carbon removal a reality. If you have the ambition to match our mission and are seeking a platform to scale your personal impact in a high empowerment and high accountability environment, we want to talk to you.

    We are looking for a new member of the team in Brussels to collaborate with us on the development and execution of policy advocacy on current policy files and future policy strategies. Your day-to-day work will be to actively lead one area of policy work as well as to actively contribute across other policy workstreams.

    We will help you to lead engagement with policymakers and influencers and to develop your own expertise and profile in climate and carbon removal policy based upon your previous experience in an NGO, trade association, consultancy or EU institution. Your prior work in climate, environmental or sustainability policy as well as your excellent analytical skills will quickly make you an invaluable member of the advocacy efforts towards the knowledge, policy and ambition gaps that we are on a mission to bridge.



  • Associate Marketing & Communications Director+


    We are creating a new role for an Associate Communications Director who will be leading our communications strategy for our science and advocacy mission across our organisation. You will lead our existing communications team, and provide both team and strategic leadership, and take a hands-on role in all of our marketing and communications initiatives.

    We will support you in leveraging your experiences and skills to help us bring our CDR mission to life in Brussels, the EU and beyond. Your prior work in climate, environment or sustainability will quickly make you an invaluable member of the communications efforts towards the knowledge, policy and ambition gaps that we are on a mission to bridge.


We take our team’s well-being seriously.

We offer:

A market-leading compensation and benefits package, bridging the pay gap been non-profit and for-profit roles

A commitment to work/life balance, with generous holidays and the expectation that you fully disconnect while taking them

Lots of flexibility within a hybrid working arrangement, with regular retreats to come together as a team

Support for your professional development as part of the Carbon Gap community, with opportunities to lead projects, publish content, learn from leading experts, and take part in conferences and events.

About you?

You’re committed to climate action

You don’t need to be an expert in carbon removal, but the idea that we can take carbon from the atmosphere, stop climate change, and begin repairing the damage we’ve done to the planet excites you.

You’re comfortable with new material

Diving into a new field, learning new acronyms and concepts, and digesting academic papers doesn’t scare you. You want to become a master of new ideas and concepts.

You make complicated things simple

You have a knack for understanding big, complex issues and distilling them into what your audience needs to know, especially through writing.

Our values

Put the planet first

We’re doing this because it’s what we need to do to keep a safe climate. We won’t be influenced by special interests and short-term concerns.

Exercise humility

What’s important is that the work gets done, not that we look good doing it.

Collaborate urgently

The world is running out of time, and we need to work well together, both inside and outside our team.

Follow the science

We are non-partisan, independent, and unbiased; we work on carbon removal because it’s what the science tells us is necessary.

Listen to everyone

The best ideas come from diverse teams listening to diverse voices.