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Christoph Beuttler

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Christoph steers our activities and team to lead carbon removal (CDR) deployment and support policies development in Europe. He joined us after taking on the role of Chief Climate Policy Officer at Swiss direct air capture (DAC) unicorn Climeworks, where he built the global policy team and played a pivotal role in mainstreaming CDR and DAC with policy makers globally. Prior to this, he served as deputy CEO of Swiss think tank RDF, where he was agenda setting CDR with the Swiss government back in 2015.

Christoph also played a major role in building the CDR ecosystem. He is Co-founder and was the first president of Brussels-based Negative Emissions Platform, co-founded the Swiss Carbon Removal Platform, and held founding board positions at the Carbon Removal Alliance in the US, Swiss Power to X Collaborative Innovation Network (Spin), as well as a long serving Board position at CO2 Value Europe in Brussels. Christoph is a visiting lecturer at ETH Zurich. He was educated in Heidelberg, Germany and London, UK.