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Alix Bolle

Policy Director

Alix is part of Carbon Gap’s leadership team and supports the organisation’s policy engagement and narrative and vision building around carbon dioxide removal in Europe. As part of her role as Policy Director, Alix focuses on securing political support for fair and responsible carbon removal through consensus and coalition building across the EU climate and energy ecosystem. 

Alix brings more than ten years of experience in shaping alliances and influencing the policy discourse on game-changing climate files ranging from just transition and community power to energy union governance and fossil fuel phase-out and divestment.  

As policy lead in a major European city network, she served on various advisory committees to bring the views of local governments to the forefront of the EU agenda. Alix was also part of a successful policy advocacy effort, which secured a place for the topic of Energy Communities – citizen-driven movements and initiatives that accelerate the clean energy transition – in the EU renewables and electricity directives. 

Alix holds a Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpretation from Université libre de Bruxelles and a post-graduate Master’s in European Affairs from IHECS Academy.