February 22, 2024

Tafadzwa Dutoit Nyamande

Head of Operations, CarbonConnect Africa

Financial Management degree in 2016 and proceeded to achieve further credentials in Project Management MicroMasters with Rochester Institute of Technology (New York), Managing Projects with Microsoft Project, Unlocking Investment and Finance in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies from World Bank OCL. He holds a Blockchain for Business Certification from Hyperledger, an open-source project from The Linux Foundation. He has been actively involved in the hemp industry in Zimbabwe as a trustee with the Zimbabwe Industrial Hemp Trust since 2019. His role at ZIHT began as a Business Development manager and he is currently in Environment and Public relations. Tafadzwa also received recognition from the inaugural Zim Women Do Dubai conference in Dubai in 2020 for his involvement in working with women in Zimbabwe, training them in managing projects and finances. Tafadzwa is a guest presenter on the bi-monthly Green Morning Radio Show on Capitalk FM 100.4, where he teaches carbon removal and other climate-related topics.

In 2021, Tafadzwa founded a startup; ZimbanjeX Pvt Ltd, focusing on biochar carbon removal. Tafadzwa designed and prototyped a retort kiln for the making of biochar, trialling out different feedstocks such as maize cobs, tobacco stalks, sorghum stalks and hemp stalks. ZimbanjeX is currently working with Organic Farming Academy (OFA) as a consultant on the first project of its kind in Zimbabwe, producing biochar from Baobab husks in Rushinga in partnership with CarbonConnect GmbH. The pilot project follows Global Artisan C-Sink (former EBC C-Sink) CDR methodology from Carbon Standard International (CSI). Tafadzwa received qualified training from CSI as a Training Partner on the methodology. His vision is to be an invaluable contributor in accelerating Africa’s transition to sustainable pioneering bio-based circular economy principles