February 07, 2024

Sven Clement

Member of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies

Sven Clement is a notable Luxembourgish politician and co-founder of the Pirate Party of Luxembourg. He has been instrumental in bringing issues of digital rights, government transparency, and civil liberties to the forefront of Luxembourg’s political scene. His leadership was central to the Pirate Party’s success in the 2018 national elections, marking their first entry into the Luxembourgish Parliament. He has been re-elected in 2023. Clement’s background in information technology significantly influences his political approach, emphasizing the integration of digital innovation in governance and public policy. As a leading figure in Luxembourg’s political landscape, he continues to advocate for open government and the modernization of political processes. He strongly believes in technology to support a political agenda and thus drafted a bill on a negative emissions tariff emphasizing the need for carbon capture technology.