October 01, 2021
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Reaching Climate Objectives, Energy Transitions Commission

A study of what removals are needed for a 1.5 degree trajectory.

During 2021 the Energy Transitions Commission has sought to better understand the role of carbon dioxide removals in meeting emissions reduction and climate objectives. The ETC’s work began with a consultation paper published in May 2021, followed by a series of stakeholder workshops undertaken throughout the year, and will culminate with the publication of a report.

This ETC Insights Briefing is a summary of key insights from an upcoming report. One underlying assumption is that a combination of natural climate solutions and engineered carbon dioxide removals will be required to keep the world on a trajectory towards 1.5°C. Importantly, if the world is to achieve its climate objective of net-zero by 2050, carbon dioxide removals will need to be scaled up and should complement, not replace, emission reduction measures.

The goal is to provide a concise reference document on this nuanced subject prior to UNFCCC COP26. Ultimately, it aims to inform the way net-zero targets are set by countries and corporates. This briefing constitutes a collective view of the Energy Transitions Commission.