July 05, 2023

EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy Open letter

Carbon Gap and 38 organisations support the need for an EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy and call for its publication in 2023

Key Takeaways

  • The capture of CO2 from the atmosphere or biomass, coupled with permanent storage of CO2, has the potential to create permanent carbon dioxide removals (CDR) and to address residual emissions. Such carbon removals will be crucial to achieving union-wide climate neutrality by 2050.   
  • There is currently no overarching framework in place to support a net-zero ecosystem in Europe that includes carbon removal.  
  • A dedicated EU strategy is therefore urgently needed to enable the deployment of carbon removal technologies and CO2 infrastructure in time for it to deliver on climate mitigation efforts. Carbon Gap, therefore, recognises that the proposed Industrial Carbon Management Strategy, which includes carbon removal, is a step in the right direction if adopted this year.  

To address climate change, the European Union must set out a dedicated strategy for the deployment of critical CO2 infrastructure for industrial decarbonisation at scale and for scaling permanent carbon removals by 2030. Carbon Gap and 38 other organisations published an open letter supporting the development of the EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy, calling on the European Commission to publish the strategy as soon as possible.


The other signatories supporting an EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy are: 1.5 ° Ventures, Aker Carbon Capture, Altera, arc – alt med affald, ArcelorMittal, Avenia, Baker Hughes, Bellona, Carbon Centric, Clean Air Task Force, Concito, CCS Europe, CEWEP, CO2 Management AS, CMP – Copenhagen Malmö Port, Danish Shipping, Direct Air Capture Coalition, EPG – Energy Policy Group, EuLA – European Lime Association, E3G, Gasunie, Global CCS Institute, GreenCap Solutions, Hafslund Oslo Celsio, Heidelberg Materials, Hydro, Klimpo, Negative Emissions Platform, Novozymes, Norges Rederiförbund, Pannonia Bio, Port of Gothenburg, SINTEF, Tech for Net Zero Allianz, VICTROL, WiseEuropa, ZEP – Zero Emissions Platform. 

Signatories after publication: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.


Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash.