September 19, 2023

To deliver on “net zero”, the NZIA must support carbon dioxide removal technologies

Carbon Gap open letter with 7 other signatories

Carbon Gap and 7 other associations and NGOs have co-signed an open letter calling for the necessary inclusion of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies in the EU Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA).

There is a strong scientific and business case for carbon removal as a solution for reaching net zero and it is imperative that these technologies be included in the NZIA. The IPCC has made specifically clear that reaching net zero emissions by 2050 is impossible without CDR. However, the current scale of CDR deployment globally is not sufficient and requires significant support to bolster emissions reductions efforts and reach net zero. Currently, the CDR sector is primarily composed of small-businesses which could significantly benefit from greater access to finance and faster permitting to scale-up deployment. Policymakers must ensure the NZIA also benefits removal methods with a lower technology readiness level (TRL) to support innovation across the sector. By including CDR technologies, EU co-legislators can ensure the NZIA delivers on the “net” in the net zero, thus strengthening Europe’s competitiveness and its ability to reach its climate goals.