How to scale carbon removal in Canada
How can Canada scale carbon removal rapidly and responsibly? The rapid aspect will require leveraging new and existing markets and regulatory schemes. The responsible aspect will require a robust set of overarching standards and project-specific protocols to govern the industry and help ensure positive outcomes. Both are formidable undertakings and will require substantial funding. Mobilising the adequate funding to realise carbon removal at scale will require the consideration and layering of different scaling vectors. Below, we outline three considerations for scaling carbon removal: Voluntary carbon market: provides optional support for...
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2040 Targets and Green Claims: Council highlights carbon removal in discussions on key policies for the next decade of EU climate action
Carbon Gap reacts to Council’s policy debate on the 2040 climate target and the general approach on the Green Claims Directive.
Key takeaways: The discussion on the 2040 climate target showcased the increasing recognition among member states of the role of carbon removal in the EU’s climate framework. The Council’s position on Green Claims expands disclosure requirements related to the use of carbon credits but only partially recognises the key role of carbon removals for compensation claims, especially in the case of fossil emissions. Both policies are instrumental in ensuring a greater role for carbon removals in the EU climate policy – a requisite for reaching climate neutrality. Next steps The...
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Open letter: Four asks for a stronger EU Strategic Agenda
Carbon Gap and 53 European civil society stakeholders, businesses and organisations call on EU heads of state to reinforce the Strategic agenda.
The contours of Europe’s 2024-2029 Strategic Agenda are beginning to take shape. Given the increasingly complex environment that Europe faces, topics such as competitiveness, energy, security, and global engagement are emerging as key drivers. It is crucial to consider these factors within a broader, forward-thinking strategy that prioritises the lasting well-being of all Europeans. To this end, we strongly recommend that the Strategic Agenda builds upon the success of elevating the EU’s transition to a climate-neutral, green, fair and social Europe as a strategic north star. This open letter outlines...
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A month after the launch of the second edition of The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal, join us in Brussels on 4 July, at 12:00 as the authors look further into the report’s findings. This conversation takes root in the report’s in-depth analysis of the state of carbon dioxide removal research, development and deployment, and how it intersects with current frameworks, public perceptions and broader sustainability considerations. In that context, we will bring together authors of the report and a panel of experts to reflect on how the EU can…

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What does an effective, safe and just carbon removal strategy look like for Europe? As we come up to the European elections, we will be joined by speakers from across policy, academia and civil society for our event ‘To net zero and beyond: A carbon removal strategy for Europe.’ See the full programme here. At the event, we will launch our new CDR strategy for Europe which sets forward concrete policy recommendations based on four pillars: compliance markets, deployment incentives, funding for R&D&I and justice-centred governance. Join us 19 March from…

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