Diagram of the various funding programs across Horizon Europe
Mapping CDR funding – Where is carbon removal in Horizon Europe?
Europe will need carbon removal to reach net zero by 2050; the science clearly says so, yet there is currently limited funding for research and innovation to scale up these crucial technologies. To fund its net zero goals, the EU has developed a wide range of funding mechanisms, of which Horizon Europe is a central pillar, with €95.5 billion available for research in selected areas for 2021-2027. However, Horizon Europe is dedicated to funding the green transition as a whole, with only a part dedicated to carbon removal. So, we...
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EU flags lined up in front of a building
To deliver on “net zero”, the NZIA must support carbon dioxide removal technologies
Carbon Gap open letter with 7 other signatories
Carbon Gap and 7 other associations and NGOs have co-signed an open letter calling for the necessary inclusion of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies in the EU Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA). There is a strong scientific and business case for carbon removal as a solution for reaching net zero and it is imperative that these technologies be included in the NZIA. The IPCC has made specifically clear that reaching net zero emissions by 2050 is impossible without CDR. However, the current scale of CDR deployment globally is not sufficient and...
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An industrial carbon management strategy is needed to police carbon removal
EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy Open letter
Carbon Gap and 38 organisations support the need for an EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy and call for its publication in 2023
To address climate change, the European Union must set out a dedicated strategy for the deployment of critical CO2 infrastructure for industrial decarbonisation at scale and for scaling permanent carbon removals by 2030. Carbon Gap and 38 other organisations published an open letter supporting the development of the EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy, calling on the European Commission to publish the strategy as soon as possible.   The other signatories supporting an EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy are: 1.5 ° Ventures, Aker Carbon Capture, Altera, arc – alt med affald,...
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Quelle place pour l’élimination du carbone en France est sa stratégie climat? Selon le GIEC, en complément de la sobriété, de l’efficacité énergétique et d’une décarbonation massive, nous aurons besoin d’une quantité considérable (5Gt-16Gt selon les scénarios) d’élimination de dioxyde de carbone, pour respecter les objectifs de l’accord de Paris et limiter le réchauffement climatique en dessous de 2 degrés. La France, comme la plupart des grandes économies de ce monde, possède tous les atouts nécessaires pour une mise en œuvre ambitieuse de l’élimination du dioxyde de carbone (EDC), mais…

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Carbon removal is increasingly included explicitly or implicitly in EU legislative files, programmatic work, and policy discussions. Until now, there was no comprehensive picture of the regulatory framework around Europe’s emerging carbon management system, but this is changing. What lies ahead for European carbon removal policy? On 25 April, Carbon Gap will be launching a CDR Policy Tracker, an online tool that will give a digest of all EU legislative files – adopted, under discussion, or foreshadowed through official Communications from the EU Institutions. The presentation of the Tracker will be…

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Interview with our CEO
Glenn Morley speaks about joining Carbon Gap.
What brought you to carbon removal and leading Carbon Gap? I had spent almost a decade working in impact, after leaving finance and management consulting to apply myself to real world problems. I was frustrated with the failure to translate talk on climate into effective action, at the speed and scale necessary. The challenge is fixable if we organise. Carbon Gap’s mission is to support the development of carbon removal capacity in Europe, one of the largest organisation challenges Europe will ever face. I was drawn to this challenge. How...
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