June 29, 2023

EU 2040 Targets

Carbon Gap’s response to the 2040 climate target consultation
Carbon Gap EU policy consultation feedback
Carbon Gap responded to the EU 2040 Targets public consultation:
The development of further climate targets for 2040 is an essential step in defining the EU’s path to reaching climate neutrality in 2050, and a temperature check for the Union’s overall climate ambition. Carbon Gap welcomes the European Commission’s 2040 Targets Public Consultation and the opportunity to input to the 2040 targets and would like to hereby elaborate on recommendations for the development of the targets as well as overall climate and carbon removal policy.
For the development of the next climate framework, we call on the European Commission to:
  • Aim to achieve 95% net GHG emission reductions by 2040 compared to 1990 levels, recognizing that carbon neutrality (net zero CO2 emissions) must be achieved before climate neutrality (net zero GHG emissions)
  • Separately quantify the role of gross emission reductions and total carbon removals the EU (and its member states) should achieve by 2040
  • Divide emission reduction and removal targets into biogenic and geological components to enable the EU to realistically quantify CDR’s contribution to the 2040 and 2050 climate targets, while avoiding overreliance on the biosphere
  • Mainstream carbon removals specifically, and climate action generally, across all relevant EU policies to highlight potential synergies between climate and other objectives and allow for a more holistic approach to tackling climate change
  • Support a wide range of CDR options to ensure sustainable and durable deployment of CDR
  • Establish a transparent portal summarising targets and resources
  • Ensure sufficient political and financial support for the 2040 climate target
  • Ensure that the attainment of the 2040 targets will be just and inclusive, considering issues including but also beyond gender