New White Paper Published: A Guide to Certifying Carbon Removal.

Our white paper with policy suggestions for carbon removal certification

Carbon Gap welcomes the European Commission’s forthcoming proposal to launch a Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF) for Europe, which could help catalyse global scaling of high-quality carbon removals. This White Paper sets out a vision for how such a certification framework should be formed. Alongside emission reductions and adaptation to climate change, carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is a critical third pillar of climate action. CDR includes a wide array of methods, from incorporating carbon into our built environment and long-lived products, to reimagining land management to optimise for carbon absorption,…

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Net Zero to Net Negative, World Economic Forum

A super-accessible intro to carbon removal for business leaders with climate commitments.

Planning for the active removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere coupled with storage (CDR), is an integral part of any comprehensive net- zero strategy. This white paper is a guide for decisionmakers to some of the key challenges and opportunities they must consider when engaging with carbon removals. When to use removals? The use of carbon removals needs to follow the mitigation hierarchy: the first priority is always to reduce or avoid emissions where possible. Carbon removal is appropriate if used for one of three purposes: Compensating for emissions…

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