Thought-leading Webinar and Report Launch – Bridging the Ambition Gap.

A framework for scaling corporate funds for carbon removal and wider climate action.

Co-authored by Robert Höglund, Climate Advisor at Marginal Carbon AB and Milkywire, and Eli Mitchell-Larson, Chief Science & Advocacy Officer and Co-Founder at Carbon Gap, this report presents a framework for defining and quantifying the ambition gap between companies’ ‘ability to pay’ for external climate solutions like carbon removal and the commitments that are actually made. The ‘ability to pay’ for external climate projects is dependent both on a company’s profits per ton emitted and the investment required for its internal emissions reduction efforts. We analyse a sample of the…

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Reaching Climate Objectives, Energy Transitions Commission

A study of what removals are needed for a 1.5 degree trajectory.

During 2021 the Energy Transitions Commission has sought to better understand the role of carbon dioxide removals in meeting emissions reduction and climate objectives. The ETC’s work began with a consultation paper published in May 2021, followed by a series of stakeholder workshops undertaken throughout the year, and will culminate with the publication of a report. This ETC Insights Briefing is a summary of key insights from an upcoming report. One underlying assumption is that a combination of natural climate solutions and engineered carbon dioxide removals will be required to keep the…

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Removing Forward, Carbon180

A guide to centring equity and justice in US carbon removal policy.

Climate change already touches every corner of our lives, from what we eat to how we sleep and where we work. Its impacts are being felt around the world as widespread crop failures and extreme weather events such as wildfires, heat waves, and hurricanes increase in frequency and severity. Those that are bearing the brunt of these impacts are also the most vulnerable in society: Black, Indigenous, low-income, and other communities on the frontlines of poverty and pollution. The climate crisis has highlighted the disparities across groups that continue to…

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