To deliver on “net zero”, the NZIA must support carbon dioxide removal technologies

Carbon Gap open letter with 7 other signatories
EU flags lined up in front of a building

Carbon Gap and 7 other associations and NGOs have co-signed an open letter calling for the necessary inclusion of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies in the EU Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA). There is a strong scientific and business case for carbon removal as a solution for reaching net zero and it is imperative that these technologies be included in the NZIA. The IPCC has made specifically clear that reaching net zero emissions by 2050 is impossible without CDR. However, the current scale of CDR deployment globally is not sufficient and…

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EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy Open letter

Carbon Gap and 38 organisations support the need for an EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy and call for its publication in 2023
An industrial carbon management strategy is needed to police carbon removal

To address climate change, the European Union must set out a dedicated strategy for the deployment of critical CO2 infrastructure for industrial decarbonisation at scale and for scaling permanent carbon removals by 2030. Carbon Gap and 38 other organisations published an open letter supporting the development of the EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy, calling on the European Commission to publish the strategy as soon as possible.   The other signatories supporting an EU Industrial Carbon Management Strategy are: 1.5 ° Ventures, Aker Carbon Capture, Altera, arc – alt med affald,…

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Carbon Removal in the NZIA: delivering a Net Zero Industry Act that is strategic, targeted and impactful

Carbon Gap and eight other organisations sign an open letter for a strategic, targeted and impactful Net Zero Industry Act
Wu Parliament in session in Strasbourg

The European Union has been the world’s first mover on climate change. Now, it needs to move faster and more assertively if it is to stay in the cleantech race. Carbon Gap and eight other organisations published an open letter, calling on the EU legislators to ensure that the proposed Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA) delivers the stable, predictable regulatory environment needed to attract investors and build up European cleantech manufacturing and promote carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Carbon Gap and 8 other organisations published an open letter calling on the…

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Europe is waking up to carbon removal: CDR Policy Tracker launch

Introducing the Carbon Removal Policy Tracker
Carbon Dioxide Removal EU Policy Tracker Database, Map, Dashboard and Resources

The EU is advancing on incentivising and regulating carbon dioxide removal (CDR) a new online platform shows, but the lack of coordinated vision could jeopardise progress. Today, Carbon Gap celebrated its CDR policy tracker launch. The new tracker provides an assessment of carbon removal policies in several individual European countries; some are leaping ahead while others are taking longer to negotiate hurdles.   This is the picture emerging so far on our new online platform, the Carbon Removal Policy Tracker, launched today in Brussels, which aims to provide comprehensive overview…

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Carbon dioxide removal in the IPCC Synthesis Report

Carbon Gap’s perspective on the release of the IPCC Synthesis Report
Forest landscape as seen from the sky

On Monday 20 March 2023, the IPCC released the final installment of the Sixth Assessment Report: The Synthesis Report and accompanying Summary for Policymakers. This report consolidates the key findings from all six reports released since 2015. This report also includes last year’s Working Group 3 report, which for the first time made clear the non-negotiable role of negative emissions and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) in achieving international climate goals. But what does it mean for carbon removal. We recorded Carbon Gap’s expert reactions to the IPCC Report below: The…

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New Expert Advisory Board

We welcome 12 leading carbon dioxide removal experts and practitioners

Carbon Gap is pleased to formally launch its new expert Advisory Board, initially comprising 12 recognised experts and practitioners from across climate, with a focus in carbon management and carbon dioxide removal (CDR). The Carbon Gap Advisory Board will support the organisation on many fronts, including contributing to the development and refinement of its independent, science-based positions on responsible carbon management in Europe, improving the charity’s long-term strategy, and strengthening and broadening its links within the global expert community. The initial members of the Carbon Gap Advisory Board include leading…

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Open letter to EU policymakers on carbon removal certification

Carbon Gap and seven other organisations urge for clear and robust regulations to govern the use of carbon removals
Open letter website image

As part of the working group on the Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF), experts on carbon removal are meeting today, 7 March 2023, to advise the European Commission on the proposal’s technical details. In this context, Carbon Gap and seven other organisations are publishing an Open Letter, which highlights the need for clear and robust regulations to govern the use of carbon removals. The European Commission has shown leadership with the CRCF and took the first and significant step toward developing a strong carbon removal capability in Europe that contributes…

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Carbon Gap part of the European Commission’s expert group on carbon removals

Group formed to assist the Commission’s work on developing a Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF)
EU flags

Carbon Gap has been invited to join the European Commission’s Expert Group on Carbon Removals, established to assist the Commission’s work on developing a Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF) and the planned delegated acts that will specify how this legislation is operationalised. The CRCF will establish overarching EU rules to govern how the climate benefits of carbon dioxide removal are quantified and verified.   The group’s first meeting is today, 7 March 2023 and will be streame. We will be working alongside around 70 other carbon removal specialists, organisations, NGOs, civil…

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Trustee Board announcement

New trustees from the fields of climate philanthropy, clean energy and climate tech investment

We are delighted to announce two new appointments to our Trustee Board, which governs our mission to help Europe become a leader in deploying responsible carbon dioxide removal – Irena Spazzapan and Cressida Pollock. Irena and Cressida bring a wealth of experience from the fields of climate philanthropy and clean energy and climate tech investment.  “I am delighted to see the addition of strong characters from the European CDR community, with deep understanding of the challenges, joining our mission as trustees. It has been important for us to add breadth…

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