A new EU Soil Health Law is in the works: here’s what it means for soil carbon

A legal backbone for the EU's Soil Strategy for 2030.

The EU is taking decisive steps to develop a new law that would grant soils the same level of legal protection as air and water. This law would add a legal backbone to the EU’s Soil Strategy for 2030, which aims to normalise the protection, restoration, and sustainable use of soil across Member States to promote the health of all EU land. Carbon Gap recently submitted a response to a public consultation on this topic held by the European Commission. Why is such a law necessary and how should it…

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On the ground at COP27: Carbon Gap’s key takeaways #1

Part One: Carbon Removal in Official Negotiations

As global carbon dioxide emissions reach record-breaking levels, the world’s annual climate negotiation drew to a close in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. This year, negotiators focused on three main issues: expediting emission cuts, securing promised mitigation and adaptation finance for developing nations, and the prospect of a new fund for loss and damage. In the fine print of official documents and in the bustle of the Blue, Green and Innovation Zones, the topic of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) was also broached, with some significant yet fragmented progress made. In this…

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From Brussels to Sharm El-Sheikh

The Carbon Gap team has been stepping up a gear since summer, with new CEO Glenn Morley and a growing and driven team.

The Carbon Gap team has been stepping up a gear since summer, with new CEO Glenn Morley and a growing and driven team. Our primary focus has been on Brussels. On 26 October, Carbon Gap welcomed over 100 guests, a stone-throw away from the European Parliament, at our event “Bridging the gap: the case for European leadership in Carbon Removal”, with keynote speaker Dr Oliver Geden. This was a great platform to launch our first White Paper: A guide to certifying carbon removal. We hope this in-depth analysis can contribute…

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Response to the UK Government’s proposal for CDR deployment incentives

Our response to the consultation focuses on principles for success and opportunities for the UK to lead.

Earlier this year, the UK Government announced a consultation on ‘business models’ for engineered greenhouse gas removals, the term preferred by the UK government for carbon removal and related activities. This follows a period of increasing interest and commitment by the UK Government to support carbon removal, including a £100M program to support early-stage research, development, and deployment, as well as a research hub, CO2RE. We at Carbon Gap have been following these developments closely and pleased to see the UK Government’s increased attention to carbon removal, as well as…

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Building a shared language: Carbon Gap releases French-language carbon removal brief

Carbon Gap is seeking partners to bring carbon removal content to other languages

Carbon dioxide removal is an emerging and fast-moving field, with few sources of high-quality information tailored for policymakers and other stakeholders in individual countries. Addressing this knowledge gap is one of Carbon Gap’s core missions, and we are pleased to announce the release of Understanding Carbon Dioxide Removal (French title: L’élimination du carbone atmospherique), a collaboration between Carbon Gap, Zenon Research, and Mines Paristech, to develop French-language carbon removal content that will serve to inform and inspire future commitments to carbon removal by the French government. View the brief here…

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Sustainable Carbon Cycles for Europe – what the Commission’s vision means for carbon removal

Carbon Gap comments on a new European Commission communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles.

The 15th of December marked the official release by the European Commission (EC) of an important Communication on “Sustainable Carbon Cycles”. The document maps out how the removal, capture, re-use, and storage of carbon in service of Europe’s goal of Climate Neutrality by 2050 and achieving net negative emissions thereafter will be advanced, and how these climate solutions and sub-goals fit in with the many other EU policies, programs, targets, and priorities. Carbon Gap welcomes the announcement, and looks forward to working with the Commission to help advance common goals…

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Just getting started: launching Carbon Gap at COP26

Carbon Gap’s launch event at COP26 brought together stakeholders from around the world to develop a roadmap for the future of carbon removal.

Welcome to Carbon Gap! We’re a new, independent climate not-for-profit focused on eliminating the carbon dioxide that’s already heating up the planet. We exist to drive essential climate action by making Europe a leader in carbon removal, working with governments, scientists, NGOs, and businesses to unlock policy support for the full spectrum of carbon removal techniques, storing carbon safely in trees, soils, oceans, rocks, and the built environment. Over the last year, we’ve seen increasing recognition of the critical role of carbon removal in climate action, alongside more funding flowing…

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